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08 June 2016 @ 11:58 pm
This journal is semi-but-mostly friends only. If you'd like to see all the posts made by yours truly, leave a message here telling me why we'll be awesome friends, and chances are, we'll be friends of awesome :D In case you're unsure whether you'd like to be friends, down below is a little bit about me~

My name is Elizabeth, though I mostly go by Lizzi.
It's pretty easy to find out more about me - see? Here, too!
I am an artist and love being one - check it out!
I write some fanfiction...
And occasionally I post it on the internet! Mostly here, but sometimes here, too!
I oftentimes take fic/ficlet requests here on my LJs, and wouldn't it be great to know what I write for when those times come up? Maybe I could one day write you something! If that's the case, here's a list of my fandoms I enjoy writing for:

• Final Fantasy (IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII, Dissidia, The Spirits Within)
• Chrono Trigger
• Alan Wake
• Percy Jackson and the Olympians
• Kingdom Hearts
• Legend of Zelda
• Batman
• Ouran High School Host Club
• Harry Potter
• Star Wars
• Assassin’s Creed
• Avatar: the Last Airbender
• Batman Beyond
• Enslaved
• Haunting Ground
• Resident Evil
• Fullmetal Alchemist
• Left 4 Dead
• Prince of Persia (2008 standalone)
• The Bouncer
• The World Ends With You
• Skyland

I guess that's Lizzi in a nutshell! There's plenty more to be uncovered, but for a quick intro, I think this will do :) So, how 'bout it? Let's be friends?
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